Why shale gas? Why now?

Natural gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels - reliable, safe and highly efficient. Through advancements in technology Quebec has an opportunity to develop this new source of energy, diversifying Quebec’s wealth of clean energy supplies.

Given its many benefits, natural gas demand in Quebec has increased by 20% since 2006. Quebec consumes approximately $2 billion worth of natural gas per year - all of the natural gas is transported by pipeline from Western Canada.

More Quebeckers and North Americans are looking for low carbon solutions. Natural gas is recognized as part of the solution, along with hydro-electricity and other renewable energy sources. The Utica formation represents a tremendous opportunity to produce natural gas in Quebec.

The economic advantages of a local industry will result in increased revenue for the Province through royalties, corporate and municipal taxes and significant job opportunities in a wide range of support and professional roles.

An abundant, local source of natural gas could be used to heat homes, businesses, and be used as a cleaner fuel by the trucking industry. It would complement the clean, renewable energy from hydro, wind and solar by helping to smooth out the peaks in demand and valleys in supply.

Avoiding the transport of natural gas from Western Canada will reduce natural gas rates for Quebeckers, which are currently among the highest in North America, and will reduce Quebec’s trade deficit making the Province even more self-sufficient.

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