Hydraulic Fracture Fluids

The fracturing fluid is a mixture of mostly water — approximately 96%–, sand — approximately 3.6% — and additives – less than 1% — that is pumped under high pressure. Additives are required to improve the performance of the frac fluid; three types of additives used in a frac include:

  • A friction reducer
  • A surfactant – which aids in effective frac fluid recovery

Specific additives & quantities depend on the geology of each well. We provide the MDDEP with MSDS sheets of the regulated chemicals used in each frac. Chemical products are reviewed by the government and any hazards associated the chemical must be listed on the MSDS.

We support full disclosure of frac fluids and chemicals used in fracs. For a full breakdown of the additives we typically add to the water and sand mixture please click here.

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