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Sustainable development requires balancing economic interests and environmental imperatives with respect for the local population—something we are fully committed to.

The Quebec Oil and Gas Association (QOGA), also known as l’Association pétrolière et gazière du Québec (APGQ), was created to encourage dialogue in Quebec about the potential of the provinces’ emerging oil and gas industry. Quebec’s energy resources can be developed in a secure and environmentally responsible manner. This development can favour Quebec’s economic growth. Our goal is to illustrate the shared interests and potential mutual benefits for both the people of Quebec and members of our industry. By safely and responsibly developing Quebec’s hydrocarbon potential, QOGA and its members could significantly contribute to Quebec’s energy diversification strategy and long-term sustainable economic benefits.

We recognize that hydrocarbon development is a new undertaking in Quebec. QOGA’s members are committed to a philosophy and Guiding Principles of Social Acceptability. We will communicate and educate stakeholders and interested parties, about the impacts and benefits of shale gas development in the areas where members are active. We will work diligently to mitigate potential impacts by discussing community and stakeholder concerns, making its members welcome community partners.

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