Natural Gas

Natural gas is the cleanest, most energy efficient hydrocarbon fuel.

Domestically produced natural gas is a key to Quebec’s energy and economic future.

Because hydro-electricity is so clean, abundant and affordable, we sometimes forget that it is only part of the energy picture in Quebec. Petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel and heating oil make up 38 percent of the province’s total energy consumption.

The challenge is that all of the natural resources used to make petroleum products are imported from outside Quebec.

With the development of the Quebec Utica Shale gas, Quebecers would no longer be dependent on western Canada for gas.

An abundant, local source of natural gas could be used to heat homes and businesses. It could be used as a cleaner fuel by the trucking industry. It would complement the clean, renewable energy from hydro, wind and solar by helping to smooth out the peaks in demand and valleys in supply.

As a global leader in the production of hydro-electricity, Quebec has shown the rest of Canada and the world that with an eye for the future, significant long-term investments and prudent management of costs, energy can be a building block of sustainable development.

Quebec is living proof that when managed properly, energy can be developed in a responsible manner that provides economic and social benefits for current and future generations.