Environmental benefits

Natural gas is recognized as the cleanest fossil fuel, and the Kyoto Accord identified it as a solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in North America.

  • Developing Quebec’s shale gas complements the development of other green energy sources like hydro and wind energy as it has the flexibility to balance off peaks and valleys in supply and demand. We know that developing the natural gas industry here in Quebec will lead to an immediate 3% to 5% reduction in greenhouse gase (GHG) emissions related to the decrease in pipeline transportation distances alone.
  • Quebec has the potential to become a major supplier to the North American market, supplying first the Quebec market and then that of neighboring states.
  • As well, oil represents 38% of the energy consumed in Quebec – almost as much as hydro-electricity. Quebec holds the dubious distinction of being Canada’s largest consumer of heavy fuel oil, almost half of what is used across the country. Natural gas is significantly cleaner than heavy fuel oil, light fuel oil and diesel and in many cases, can be used instead. This would help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve local air quality.

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