We are unwavering in our concern for protecting air quality and combating climate change. Natural gas is called on to play a crucial role in helping Quebec, Canada, and North America improve their environmental track record and attain the goals they have set. The Kyoto Accord has asserted the role of natural gas—recognized as the cleanest fossil fuel—in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Quebec is enviably positioned to become a key player in the natural gas market in North America. Quebec’s gas potential could make it a major supplier initially for its domestic market. Ultimately, Quebec can become a major supplier to certain neighboring areas where its natural gas could replace less environmentally friendly energy sources such as coal, fuel oil, and heating oil.

Given that air pollution doesn’t respect provincial or international boundaries, any reduction in emissions from coal fired power generation facilities in neighbouring areas would help improve air quality for all.

Quebec’s gas supply is currently transported by pipeline over thousands of kilometers from Western Canada. Producing shale gas locally, in Quebec, would be a significant environmental benefit due to reduced transportation emissions.

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