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The Quebec Oil and Gas Association (QOGA) is open to dialogue. We want to provide the public with the most information possible about our industry.  We respect the communities we seek to join and strive to act in a transparent manner. This website is a reflection of that commitment. Its purpose is to demystify shale gas, the impacts of our industry and the benefits for Quebec.

This site will allow you to find information about the implications of shale gas exploration and development in Quebec, and to find answers to your questions and concerns.

The development of any new industry raises its share of questions. We must dispel any doubts about the ways in which we conduct our activities. Projects like ours have the potential to contribute to the sustainable development of Quebec, but cannot see the light of day without your support.

We welcome your comments and will endeavour to answer them through the FAQ feature of this website. You can write to us at [email protected].

We’ve been listening. Now, let’s come together to talk.

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