The history of shale gas

There are several other shale producing regions across North America, most of which are well ahead of the Utica in their development. The first large-scale, commercial shale development was the Barnett Shale in Texas in the 1990s, followed by others in the United States such as the Haynesville, Marcellus and Eagle Ford shales, and in Canada by the Horn River and Montney developments in north-eastern British Columbia. While the Utica remains to be proven on a commercial basis, it is a promising source of natural gas and will hopefully play an important role in Quebec’s future.

History of oil and gas in Quebec

Oil and gas exploration has a long history in Quebec and exploration has been ongoing in Quebec for more than a hundred years. The first well in the St Lawrence Lowlands was drilled in 1873. Since then, over 280 wells have been drilled in search of oil or gas.

Our members involved in St. Lawrence Lowlands gas prospecting have access to detailed results from conventional wells drilled in the basin. Analysis of these results revealed the gas potential of the Utica shale.

Industry is currently testing to prove the commercial potential of the Utica. To do this, we must continue to drill test wells and evaluate production capacity. This stage could last between two to four years. Only then can production truly begin.

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