Collecting and transporting natural gas

In Quebec, natural gas is distributed by Gaz Métro. Gaz Métro will be solely responsible for transporting the natural gas through the Quebec system and to Quebec consumers.

see fig1

In the case of shale gas extracted from Quebec deposits, the collection and transportation will be carried out in four main stages: gathering and processing, storage, transmission, and distribution. The following diagram shows these different stages.

Once the producers have processed the natural gas, it will be included as part of Gaz Métro’s transmission and distribution network.

The exploration and production of this new natural gas source will require the construction of new pipelines to connect each well to the Quebec transmission network. Just like the shale gas exploration and production industry, Gaz Métro must comply with all applicable laws and obtain the necessary authorizations before proceeding with the work required to connect to the Quebec transmission network. Gaz Métro boasts nearly 50 years of experience with this type of work.

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