Environment and safety

Developing an industry like shale gas is not without impacts. That said, we will take steps to mitigate these impacts. Our goal is to ensure safe operations that respect the community, the environment, and sustainable development principles.

Natural gas is recognized as the cleanest fossil fuel, and the Kyoto Accord identified it as a solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in North America. It could replace less environmentally-friendly energy sources like coal, fuel oil, or heating oil, and lead to major environmental benefits for North America as a whole. What’s more, developing this industry in Quebec complements the development of other green energy sources like hydro and wind energy as it has the flexibility to balance off peaks and valleys in supply and demand.

Quebec shale gas can be developed safely. At the same time, we understand the issues and responsibilities that go along with developing the resource. The risks associated with shale gas development are well-known and can be addressed through safe operations, proven industry practices and effective regulation.

Although our industry is new to Quebec, shale gas development has been booming in Canada and the United States for the past decade. We have developed leading-edge techniques and technologies to minimize the risks tied to natural gas production. For us, safety is of utmost concern at all phases of project development and as an industry we are unwavering in our commitment to it.

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