Natural gas: the cleanest of all fossil fuels

Natural gas emits far fewer greenhouse gases than any other fossil fuel.

The advantages of using natural gas as a source of energy are undeniable. Its greenhouse gas emissions are 30% lower than fuel oil and 45% lower than coal. What’s more, because natural gas burns so completely, it releases very few pollutants and contaminants.

The Kyoto Accord identifies natural gas as a solution to help reduce North America’s greenhouse gas emissions. Quebec has the potential to become a major supplier on the North American market, first by serving its own domestic market, and later by exporting gas to neighbouring states. This will replace other less environmentally friendly sources of energy like coal, fuel oil, and heating oil, and generate a significant environmental benefit for the entire continent. Another potential avenue for development could be the use of natural gas to power transport vehicles, which account for a significant portion of Quebec’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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