Economic benefits

Natural Gas in Quebec – Quick Facts

  • 12 percent of Quebec’s total energy consumption comes from natural gas.
  • Approximately 130,000 households in Quebec use natural gas, primarily for home heating and cooking.
  • 100 percent of Quebec’s natural gas is currently imported from western Canada.
  • $2 billion per year is transferred from Quebec to western Canada, approximately the same value of what Quebec imports from France.
  • Quebecers currently spend $10 billion per year on combined oil and gas imports
  • Quebec has enough natural gas to meet its own needs for well over 100 years.
  • By 2015, producing natural gas in Quebec could boost Quebec’s economy by $789.8 million and increase government revenues in Quebec by $232 million.
  • Natural gas production could create 7,500 jobs in Quebec, based upon the development of 250 wells (the number needed to replace all gas imports from western Canada).
  • For every $1 invested into oil and gas production, $3 of economic benefits result from direct, indirect, and induced business impacts.
  • Natural gas in Quebec is the cleanest in Canada: Gas located in the Utica shale formation has the lowest carbon content of all natural gas in Canada.