Advantages of Natural Gas

Natural gas is vital to Quebec’s economy and will play a major role in keeping energy affordable for Quebecers. Natural gas is currently one of the most affordable energy choices for space heating and meets about 12 percent of total energy demand in Quebec. Natural gas is an excellent energy source for homes and businesses because it is:

  • Reliable –Unlike other energy sources, such as wind and solar, natural gas (like hydropower) is able to provide what’s known as base load power, which is the ability to produce energy around the clock, night and day. Underground pipelines can also deliver natural gas to heat homes even in the event of an electricity outage.
  • Convenient – Natural gas provides the convenience of instant heat – making it the best energy choice for space heating, water heating and precision cooking. Natural gas is an ideal choice for drying clothes, heating pools, and fuelling fireplaces and barbecues. Natural gas appliances heat up faster than their electric equivalents, saving us time and money. Quebec industries also rely on natural gas in various manufacturing processes.
  • Affordable – Natural gas prices are on average 50 percent lower than heating oil prices and about one-third the price of electricity on a value-for-dollar basis. Natural gas is also substantially cheaper than power generated from wind and solar and can generate power even when the wind isn’t blowing or the sun isn’t shining.
  • Safe – Natural gas has a long, well-established track record of safe production and delivery to millions of customers in Quebec and across North America.