Conference 2016

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The 8th annual conference of the Quebec Oil and Gas Association (QOGA) is coming !

The Quebec Oil and Gas Association will hold its 8th annual conference at Sheraton Centre  hotel, in Montreal, on October 30, 31 and November 1. Our conference is the best  opportunity in Quebec for producers, consumers, stakeholders and elected officials to meet  and discuss matters relevant to the industry and the communities in which it operates. It is  also a great opportunity to see where Quebec fits in the broader Canadian resources debate.

Gathering all major stakeholders interested in moving forward the oil and gas file in Quebec,  this year’s event insists that, with a new energy policy in place and a new law imminent, it’s  time more than ever to consolidate and build a real industry. A special emphasis will be  placed on national and international expertise, and speakers from many locations will have  prominent spots at the event. Attending the conference will give you a 360 degrees view of  the Quebec situation, and tip you of the major debates around oil and gas in Canada.

The conference is also your unique chance to grasp everything that is going on in local  markets, and to meet the major players involved with our industry. We can already confirm  that Paul Martin, ex Canadian Prime Minister, will make a speech on social license and  aboriginal affairs. As you see, our conference is not afraid to broaden its scope and reach  out for new topics that we need to be concerned with.

And if this was not enough, we also chose to do the unthinkable to add value to the event. At  the same time that we add a full half day of events on the Tuesday, we reduce the price of  attendance to the whole conference! This is how much we believe that this is the year to  push things to “Move forward in Quebec!” We know you don’t want to miss it, and we want  you to be a part of it.

To get additional information about the event, you can reach our Director of Public Affairs,  Mr. David Lefebvre at 418?261-2941 or [email protected]. To register, please fill in  the attached form and return in to [email protected] to the attention of Mrs.  Elizabeth Boileau.

We are looking forward to have you with us at this important event. Please be assured of my kindest regards.




Michael Binnion
Quebec Oil and Gas Association