2009 Conference

The Conference 2009 was marked by the quality of the covered subjects and the participation of guests and speakers of prestige. In this respect, the Minister for the Natural resources of Quebec, Mrs Nathalie Normandeau, showed a keen interest for our sector of industry.



Exploration and development of oil and gas resources of Quebec

Medium-depth Shale Gas Potential in Quebec
Peter Dorrins, JUNEX inc., Québec
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Pétrolia exploration activities in 2008 and 2009
Martin Bêche, Petrolia, Québec
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The Shale Gas Learning Curve
Michael Binnion, Questerre Energy, Calgary
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Anatomy of a siluro-devonian reef complex of Eastern Gaspe
Bernard Granger, Petrolia, Québec
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Issues and trends in the oil and gas development in Quebec

Gaz Métro pipeline network in the heart of the production zone – the delivery
of the Quebec gas to markets

Martin Imbleau, Gaz Métro, Montréal
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Keynote Address: Increasing unconventional gas production,
a changing context for market and pipelines

Lyne Mercier, National Energy Board, Calgary
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Strategic Environmental Assesment in Marine Areas (SEA)
Alain Lefebvre, Direction générale des hydrocarbures et des biocarburants, MRNQ, Québec
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Where are the potential CO2 sequestration sites in Quebec?
M. Malo, K. Bédard and Y. Duchaine, Institut national de recherche scientifique, ETE, Québec
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Developing Legal Trend in Oil and Gas Exploration in Quebec
Charles Spector, Fraser-Milner-Casgrain, Montréal
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The Law of Large Numbers - It’s a Statistical Play
Mr. Ken Lin, Research Capital
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Geoscience of the Quebec’s Sedimentary Basins

In-place Hydrocarbon Resources Assesment in Cambrian to
Devonian Sedimentary Succession of Eastern Canada

Denis Lavoie, N. Pinet, N. S. Castonguay, J. Dietrich, P. Hannigan, P. T. Hamblin and P. Giles, Geological Survey of Canada, Québec
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New thermal maturation map for the region of Bas Saint-Laurent
Rudolf Bertrand et Michel Malo Institut national de recherche scientifique, ETE, Québec; et Denis Lavoie, Geological Survey of Canada, Québec
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Geochemical, Mineralogical and Stratigraphic Variation of Utica and
Lorraine Shales: Implications for Gas Exploration in the Saint Lawrence Lowlands

Robert Theriault, Direction générale des hydrocarbures et des biocarburants, MRNQ, Québec
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Northern Vermont and Southern Quebec Natural Gas Prospects:
Stratigraphic and Structural Relations including Utica Shale Equivalents

Laurence R. Becker, Marjorie Gale, and Jonathan Kim, Vermont Geological Survey, Waterbury
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Petroleum Resource Potential of the Carboniferous Magdalen Basin, Eastern Canada
James Dietrich, Petre Giles and Peter Hannigan, Geological Survey of Canada
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Utica Shale in Quebec: Do we have the right map?
Christine St-Laurent, Gastem, Montréal
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Technology and specialized services for the oil and gas industry in Quebec

Finding and Protecting Energy Assets With Geochemical Tools
David Seneshen, Vista Geoscience
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Enhanced Data Processing for SGL AIRGrav Data
Luise Sander, Stephen Ferguson and Stephan Sander, Sander Geophysics, Ottawa
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Recent development in high-resolution hyperspectral imagery: possible
applications for oil, gas and reservoir exploration analysis

Éric Roberge et Christian Sassevile, Photonic Knowledge Inc., Rosemère
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An Integrated Petrophysical Characterization of Shale Gas Reservoirs
Gaetan Gobeil, Mikhail Gladkikh, Brian LeCompte, Freddy Mendez, Gabor Hursan, John Longo, Pedram Zarian, and Matt Bratovich, Baker Hughes Canada, Calgary
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Integration of microseismic data into a reservoir simulator to help with field development strategies
Dave Quirk, Trican, Calgary
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