Given that Quebec’s geology is conducive to the discovery of hydrocarbons, several exploratory projects were carried out in the province in the last several decades. This work helped us better understand Quebec’s geological context and led to the establishment of the Pointe-du-Lac and St-Flavien gas fields. A number of discoveries made in the United States and Eastern Canada in the last several years, in sedimentary basins similar to those in Quebec, helped stimulate investments in exploratory work on our territory. The exploration programs implemented by different companies in 2008 and 2009 are demonstrating the province’s considerable oil and gas potential and generating unprecedented interest in this field. It is in the wake of this interest that the Association pétrolière et gazière was created in April 2009.


The Association pétrolière et gazière du Québec’s mission is to represent the industry and promote its interests. The association acts as the industry’s spokesperson in dialogue with governments, the population and interest groups. As such, it has strength in numbers and a credible voice to defend common interests and to ensure the full development of Quebec’s oil and gas resources. Our members aim to emphasize the value of these resources, thus contributing to the province’s economic development and energy diversification.


Our members include companies from Quebec, the rest of Canada, the U.S., Europe and other regions around the world. Size varies considerably. Some companies are listed on the stock market while others are private. These businesses invest several tens of millions of dollars in Quebec each year.

Members of the Executive Board

André Caillé

Pierre Boivin


Mel Stahl
Forest Oil


Scott Sobie
Talisman Energy


Paul Myers
Raymond Savoie