QOGA comments on the new hydrocarbon Bill in Quebec


Québec, Tuesday, June 7, 2016– Quebec Oil and Gas Association (QOGA) welcomes the new hydrocarbon act presented today by Quebec’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources. “It is time that Quebec had its own hydrocarbon act to govern best practices for modern oil and gas projects.”, said Michael Binnion, QOGA’s president.

“It’s been a long time coming and this law is the result of much effort by many people. After three strategic environmental assessments, two public audiences by the independent BAPE, a new energy policy with wide public consultation and a green book on social license, the new Bill represents the first legislative step in setting the new rules for the industry in Quebec.

Of course, the Bill that will implement the new energy policy is about more than just hydrocarbons. It’s important we consider the best role local production can play in a better balanced Quebec energy diet.

“Quebec imports over 12 billion dollars of oil and gas every year. It is Quebec’s largest import and the hydrocarbon import problem is a serious economic issue.  The new Energy Policy tackles this issue head on and recognized that local production can help with the challenge to address it”, said Michael Binnion. We think local production helps reduce global emissions while ensuring jobs producing oil and gas are Quebec jobs using the best practices to respect the environment.

QOGA also acknowledge the presentation, on the same day, of the modernization of the environment quality law (Bill 102). We are satisfied that the government seems to be willing to put in place a stable framework for natural resource development. “To effectively reduce our carbon footprint, it is important to evaluate the whole production, transportation and usage from the well to the burner tip. Each hydrocarbon source used in Quebec must be evaluated the same way and based on the same criteria”, concluded QOGA’s President.

Documents presented today are of course too voluminous for us to be able to make a thorough assessment in such a short term. Our Association will take the necessary time to analyze the legislative propositions before communicating their strengths and weaknesses. We will fully participate in parliamentary commission and make recommendations to elected members on those occasions, in order for them to take the best possible decisions for Quebec’s development. We will also use other platform to promote “made-in Quebec” solutions to reduce our dependency to oil and natural gas imports.

About QOGA

QOGA has been created to promote a dialogue on a potential new industry for Quebec: the oil and gas industry. Quebec energy resources can be produced in a safe way that respects the environment in order to contribute to the province general economic development. Our goal is to demonstrate shared interests and mutual benefits that all Quebeckers and our members can get from local production.