Hydraulic fracturing: 50 years of success in Saskatchewan


Saskatchewan’s deputy minister of Energy and Resources, Kent Campbell, wrote an open letter to the StarPhoenix newspaper to convey his vision of oil and gas development in the province. More specifically, the minister explains clearly what hydraulic fracturing is all about, both concerning the procedure and its challenges.

Reading Deputy Minister Kent helps us to better understand this technology. We learn, for example, that Saskatchewan has had a long history of oil and gas development. The deputy minister backs up his comments with the expertise developed in Saskatchewan, enabling him to affirm that, without question, it is possible to ensure that these resources are developed responsibly.

We invite you to read the entire article here, but also wish to draw your attention to the record of this technology in Saskatchewan:

While use of this technology has increased, it has been applied safely in Saskatchewan for more than 50 years on roughly 33,500 oil and gas wells. It is the combined technologies of horizontal drilling and fracking that have unlocked the energy riches of the renowned Bakken in southeast Saskatchewan - a formation that otherwise would have gone largely undeveloped.

Bakken is now recognized as one of the largest remaining conventional oil pools in North America. Technologies such as fracking are important to the future growth and development of Saskatchewan’s oil and gas sector, which currently accounts for about 20 per cent of provincial gross domestic product and provides jobs for more than 32,000 people.


Fracking has been safely applied in oil and gas operations in Saskatchewan for decades.

The comprehensive regulatory system we have in place ensures that the practice helps us continue to realize significant economic benefits from our oil and gas industry while we maximize environmental protection.