Chrysler to Shift to Natural Gas


This past November, QOGA wrote twice (here and here) about the move by major car manufacturers toward natural gas. We wanted to inform our readers that several car companies now see natural gas as being part of the transition to more environmentally-friendly motorized transport.

The reason is simple: the use of natural gas in motor vehicles not only offers excellent technical and environmental performance, but is also highly economical.

We invite you to read the following article which appeared in the Quebec media announcing that Chrysler is now offering vehicles with engines that use natural gas.

According to the article, the environmental performance of this technology is very impressive, including a 25 percent reduction in pollution compared to regular gasoline. This is significant when one considers that the main source of greenhouse gas emissions in Quebec is cars running on gasoline and diesel.

According to the inventory published on November 4, 2011, by the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs (MDDEP), the transport sector is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases (43.5%). Next is industry (28%), heating buildings (14%), agriculture (7.9%) and waste (5.9%).

The presence of natural gas in the Quebec car fleet would allow Quebec to improve its environmental performance, which in turn would help to reach its Kyoto targets.