QOGA welcomes the publication of new operating principles for hydraulic fracturing


January 30, 2012 — The Quebec Oil and Gas Association (QOGA) today welcomed the publication of operating practices for hydraulic fracturing by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP).

“QOGA salutes CAPP for establishing these best practices for industry. These commitments demonstrate the seriousness and rigor with which industry takes the development of our natural gas potential. Industry is constantly striving to meet the population’s expectations with regard to this important energy source,” said Stéphane Gosselin, Director General of QOGA.

QOGA will use CAPP’s principles as an important reference in establishing its own rules to ensure a safe and responsible development of Quebec’s natural gas potential.

“Quebecers must be reassured that we are listening to their concerns. We want to maintain a mutual dialogue between citizens and industry. This dialogue must be open and transparent. Today’s announcement on fracturing fluid disclosure is an example of this,” said Mr. Gosselin.

Members of QOGA value and encourage initiatives of openness and transparency in developing the natural gas industry. QOGA salutes the work of its Canadian counterpart.

Click here for a copy of “Hydraulic Fracturing Operating Practices” from CAPP.