April 2011

Shale gas as polluting as coal and oil? Be serious!


A study conducted by Professor Robert Howarth of Cornell University in New York State tries to demonstrate that shale gas generates as much greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as coal, oil, or conventional gas. Unfortunately, this study is based on a false premise, as the author does not use generally accepted...

An American scientist sets the record straight about hydraulic fracturing


In a recent article, the daily Times Union reports that one of New York state’s top scientific experts has found no case of hydraulic fracturing leading to groundwater contamination. As a specialist on the underground features of New York, Taury Smith has been studying hydro-fracking practices for the past three...

Hydraulic fracturing in the shale gas industry: a group of independent experts spotlights Louisiana’s good practices


Last week, the State Review of Oil and Natural Gas Environmental Regulations (STRONGER), published a report on its examination of government programs that regulate hydraulic fracturing used in shale gas well drilling. The organization concluded that Louisiana and its regulatory bodies stood out for their well-managed programs across the entire...