February 2011

QOGA: Our new president, Mr. Lucien Bouchard, takes office


We warmly welcome Mr. Lucien Bouchard, who became the new president of the Quebec Oil and Gas Association on February 21. He has granted a number of interviews in order to share his views on shale gas and the direction in which he hopes to steer our organization. Watch his...

Tests indicate that fracking water taken from a shale gas well is easy to treat


In a February 19 article in Le Soleil, Jean-François Cliche reports on tests carried out by the City of Trois-Rivières on fracking water from a shale gas well owned by gas company Talisman near Fortierville. The results indicate that the water “was not particularly difficult to treat.” The tests, which...

Shale Gas: “Yes” in B.C., “Yes” in New Brunswick. Why “No” in Quebec?


In a February 22 open letter posted on Cyberpresse.ca, Gerry Angevine, Senior Economist at the Fraser Institute’s Centre for Energy Studies, argues that shale gas development and mining can be carried out safely and responsibly in a manner that respects the environment. Angevine adds that shale gas mining has been...