A Key Player

Natural gas accounts for nearly 12% of all energy consumed in Quebec, making it a key resource when it comes to meeting the province’s energy demands. Demand has increased by 20% over the last 3 years. In Quebec, industrial use represents 55% of total consumption, while commercial, residential and transport use 31%, 11% and 3% respectively.

Several key industries such as pulp and paper, aluminum, steel, and cement manufacturing all use energy from natural gas in their processes. In residential applications, natural gas is used to heat homes and for cooking in natural gas stoves and barbeques.

The Quebec Energy Strategy 2006-2015 noted that “Natural gas plays a strategic role in every field that requires precisely-controlled heat … for many firms, the availability of natural gas is an important factor when selecting a location.”

What’s more, according to Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune du Québec data from 2008, 42% of the energy used in Quebec is from refined petroleum products derived from oil imported from outside the province.  This is more energy than is provided by hydro-electricity which accounts for 32% of the energy used.  There is the potential to displace some refined petroleum products with natural gas strengthening Quebec’s position as the leading North American producer of clean energy.

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