The Premier of New Brunswick is in favor of shale gas


QOGA invites readers to consult this CBC article about the recent statement by David Alward, Premier of New Brunswick, about shale gas development in his province. During a speech, Mr. Alward essentially said the same things as U.S. President Barack Obama on the economic and environmental potential of this important energy source.

QOGA wishes to highlight some key elements from Mr. Alward’s speech:

1 – The desire to develop this energy source does not preclude the adoption and enforcement of strict and rigorous regulation. In this regard, QOGA has already positioned itself in favor of responsible development.

2 – The many economic advantages that the people of New Brunswick will gain from development will allow the province to address important issues like the provincial debt and unemployment, amongst others.

QOGA shares Mr. Alward’s vision on the development of our natural gas potential and the energy challenges of the future.