QOGA Statement on Update to Professor Muehlenbachs’ Shale Study


January 17, 2012 – QOGA takes note of the clarifications provided by the Ministère du Développement durable, Environnement et Parcs (MDDEP) on the validity of the source water samples analyzed by an Albertan researcher. In that regard, please take note of the press release issued by MDDEP.

QOGA would like to draw your attention to the modifications made by professor Muehlenbachs to the document used to make his presentation. He has corrected his document to clarify that the Quebec water samples used for his study do not come from an aquifer, but from the cellar of wells at St. Edouard Hz1a and Gentilly-2. The samples analyzed consisted of rainwater accumulated in those cellars. You can see the document here.

QOGA members comply with government guidelines.

QOGA takes all reports suggesting potential impacts of the industry on the environment seriously. QOGA and its members make no compromise with citizen safety.

A strategic environmental assessment is currently underway, as recommended by the BAPE. QOGA supports this exercise which will yield an exhaustive and scientific study on the development of the gas industry in Quebec.

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