Shale Gas: “Yes” in B.C., “Yes” in New Brunswick. Why “No” in Quebec?


In a February 22 open letter posted on, Gerry Angevine, Senior Economist at the Fraser Institute’s Centre for Energy Studies, argues that shale gas development and mining can be carried out safely and responsibly in a manner that respects the environment.

Angevine adds that shale gas mining has been accepted by governments and communities elsewhere in North America, including in Texas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Arkansas. He urges Quebec not to declare a moratorium, but rather to take immediate action by adopting regulations that protect the environment and ensure property owners receive fair royalties for giving oil and gas companies access to their land.

He also points out that New Brunswick is going forward with the development of its own shale gas deposits according to detailed regulations established at the outset that protect the environment. The government of that province monitors shale gas extraction using a detailed plan, strict regulations, and monitoring mechanisms.

The full article describes the New Brunswick plan and the steps involved in its development.