Shale gas: According to The Financial Post it’s Uncle Sam’s saviour. And what about Quebec?


An article published by The Financial Post on January 13th 2011 outlines the remarkable benefits the United States could gain through an increase of that country’s production of shale gas:

  • reduced dependency on foreign gas imports
  • deficit reduction
  • reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Christopher Swann, journalist for the Reuters news agency and author of this article published by The Financial Post states that shale gas is a veritable lifesaver and lists the advantages the country of Uncle Sam could gain from increased local production and use of the resource. He compares reserves in the U.S. to Iran’s oil potential. Swann asks why the United States shouldn’t profit from the wealth it’s literally sitting on:

“America’s natural gas bonanza is too good an opportunity to miss. The new Congress needs to embrace the bounty beneath its feet.”

We’re reminded of the situation here in Quebec, a province that also possesses huge shale gas potential. The local development of this resource would bring the same kind of irrefutable benefits to both the United States and Quebec. Consult the Advantages for Quebec section of our website to learn more.

Christopher  Swann is an economic columnist specialising in the energy sector. He has worked for The Financial Times and Bloomberg.

We invite you to consult Christopher Swann’s full article on The Financial Post website.

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