BAPE: QOGA has submitted its brief outlining the advantages of shale gas development


The BAPE hearings continued last week with the presentation of briefs by the industry, by municipalities, by scientific experts and by community groups. QOGA and its members were on hand to speak to the advantages of shale gas development in Quebec. Our goal at these hearings was to show that shale gas development in Quebec is not only sound from an economic point of view, but from an environmental and public security point of view as well.

We’d invite you to consult our QOGA brief available online and through our links page.

The report which will be produced by the BAPE within 4 months of the hearings will inform the Minister’s recommendation to Cabinet, who will decide whether or not to authorize shale gas exploration in the province. Once that is done, we’re hoping to be able to continue our testing in order to confirm the feasibility of shale gas development in Quebec. We respect and understand the importance of the BAPE hearings, and look forward to its report.